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About company

Atlas Software is a modern, fast-growing company, in which the basic principles are professionalism, responsibility to every customer and reliability guaranteed result.

Atlas was created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs!

Our mission
Atlas Software Company is a member of Professional Association of Capital Market and Derivatives (PACMD), which has been on the market since 2005. We have practical experience in building effective sales, warehouse and production departments. We combined our experience with the experience of our partners to provide the best services in business management automation.

Our mission — to combine, create, and promote new knowledge and innovations in the area of management. To create automation resources, which, by improving our clients’ businesses, will improve life around us.

Our team

Atlas Software is staffed and run by a team of professionals which is constantly growing and developing.

Our company has implemented a system of human development which helps us to create sophisticated consulting services, study and implement the best solutions, and to provide high-level customer service.

Our designer department is managed using SCRUM methodology, which allows us to produce high-quality updates for Atlas ERP every week.
Our value

– Knowledge devalues so quickly that ongoing training and development become integral part of life– but it’s important to us that this is pleasant.

– We value: working together, respect and patience toward each other and to everyone who’s joined Atlas.

– To do our best. Uncompromising professionalism is what we strive for.

– Innovations – when you came up with a new idea and love that you can share it with your team and your world.

– Openness and honesty are core values at Atlas. We want to share with our clients all the information we have and we strive to build mutual trust with employees, partners, and clients alike.

Our view

The world becomes more complicated, yet better. The amount of information increases, and so the demand for high-quality information increases. Knowledge quickly becomes outdated, but studying becomes easier and more pleasant.

In the future, even to manage a small café, one will need to be able to make an instantaneous decision based on an enormous amount of data. We want to make the decision process available for everyone, and at the same time, make it easy, convenient and pleasant.

We want directors to be able to work less, but more effectively. We want them to spend more time with their families, while at the same time quickly making effective decisions that involve large amounts of data.

Atlas ERP is not a substitute for the human intellect; rather, it is the development and strengthening of the intellect.

Scientists, engineers, programmers, managers and entrepreneurs make the world a better place–more free, more secure and more interesting. We’re a part of this!

Atlas ERP wins two popular ERP software awards for 2017

Ever since Atlas ERP was first launched, our team has worked tirelessly to please customers with a tool they will both love, and rely on for creating and implementing effective business processes. The accomplishment of this mission has now been confirmed by one of world’s leading software review directories FinancesOnline.com, which made sure our tool will be recommended to new users from all around the planet.

FinancesOnline is a trusted B2B platform where companies from all industries turn to find the ideal software for their needs. A customer-centered expert team is therefore looking for young and promising solutions to shift focus from overrated leaders, and uses a special scoring mechanism to determine the value such can provide against a modest investment. Having confirmed that Atlas ERP meets even their nitpickiest criteria, they named it the Rising Star of 2017, and awarded it with their Great User Experience Award for online ERP software.

What was really fascinating for this experienced team was the unique modular approach Atlas uses to trigger both smarter resource allocation and more productive marketing strategies. Being able to confirm first-hand Atlas’s beneficial effect on companies’ online interactions, FinancesOnline.com also listed it among its most popular ERP software products for the current year. According to them, this was also a result of our system covering vital BPM and project management functions, and thus eliminating the need to invest in additional systems and applications. In this regard, experts also discussed the numerous integrations and partnerships of our system that make it fully useable since day one.

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