Atlas Рrojects – Система управления проектами с элементами искусственного интеллекта | Atlas Software

Atlas Projects – innovation project management system with artificial intellect elements

Simply for deployment purposes pursued by newcomers, and in functionality terms, even for very demanding professionals!


Atlas Projects will take under control all projects! It creates the projects and helps to manage them: distribution and allocation of tasks, KPI control, calendar updates and Gantt diagram generation.

Priorities management

Module with artificial intellect elements that determines the priorities of tasks by itself.

Projects panel

Convenient tool for projects groupage visualization per portfolios, groups and staging status.

SCRUM projects

Atlas Project allows project creation and their enhancement in compliance with SCRUM methodology.

Gantt diagram

The well-known and most convenient tool for planning and visualization of tasks.

Knowledge database

Corporate information protected storage facility with convenient data search and access rights adjustments.

Templates of projects

Create new project templates that will assist you in launching a new project.

Task management

Work with free tasks that are not encompassed by a project.


Convenient planning of individual and conjoint measures. Integration with project implementation processes and tasks.

Corporate social networking site

Bulletin notice board, discussions, corporate communication messages and important information.

Atlas Projects – it will transfer quality of your company processes onto another level

System overview

Atlas Projects incorporates simplicity and functionality. It does not call for complex installation efforts and operates via a browser. You may immediately commence your work!


Why Atlas Projects?

Primary advantages of the system

Convenient and functionally-wise

The integrity of serious functionality with convenience for use will allow your personnel to master our service and receive the maximum benefits.

  1. Ease of software deployment, training and introduction efforts is very essential during automation system selection. All these features are encompassed in our system. Along with this, you will obtain serious functionality capabilities.

Integration with other products

Atlas Project is a part of the AtlasBusinessSolution platform that allows performance of your growing requirements.

  1. Along with the growth of your company, there will emerge new demands, however, you will not need a transfer into another system and lose your data. You will be able simply to connect and activate new modules that are incorporated into the ATLAS ERP product.

Support of up-to-date methodologies

The flexibility of our product allows the introduction of any project management methodology and achieve a significant increase in its efficiency.

  1. During development activities, we employ the use of SCRUM project management methodology and are pleased to apply our product ourselves.

Great opportunities

No one project management system does not provide such an impressive kit of tools for automation of design activities.

  1. A list of capabilities associated with our solution is already being allocated, however, we persist in working over their perfection and eager to continue cheering up you with innovations.

Price plan

Select an appropriate charge rate and do not pay for the unrequired functional. And to broaden your capabilities, you will be able at any moment without your data loss.

Atlas Рrojects: Start

up to 15 users

$ 56/ per month

  • Calendar
  • Task managment
  • Project management
  • Workspace
  • Social network
  • Knowledge database
  • HRM

Atlas Рrojects: Standard

up to 25 users

$ 87/ per month

  • Calendar
  • Task managment
  • Project management
  • Workspace
  • Social network
  • Knowledge database
  • HRM

Atlas Рrojects: Company

over 100 users

$ 262/ per month

  • Calendar
  • Task managment
  • Project management
  • Workspace
  • Social network
  • Knowledge database
  • HRM