Atlas Service Desk - Управление заявками | Atlas Software

It is easy to manage requests with Atlas!

All businesses are built on relationships. Now is the time to make your business run freely and openly!

Atlas SD is a automated system that manages service orders inside and outside of the company.

There is no need to call, e-mail or wait. All requests are immediately transferred to the corresponding employee.



Use Atlas Service Desk to easily manage applications! It automatically forwards all applications to the assigned employee, monitors the quality of processing and collects detailed analytical data for each application.


This is a business process builder which requests dispatching and management of service lines.

Handling External Requests

Received requests through e–mail, the website, from a section in the system, or the mobile application.


The customers base, relationship history, tasks and analytics.

Mobile Application

Remote employees’ work on requests, received requests and task performance.

Analysis of Buyers

Collection of indicators, convenient analysis and registry of decisions.

Knowledge base

Secure corporate information repository with easy search and access rights settings.


Integration with external services or your website.

Integration with Atlas ERP

Ability to add further functions, included into Atlas ERP.


Personal cards, documents, personal accessibility settings.

Atlas Service Desk cares for your customers.


System overview

Atlas Service Desk is a serious system that is easy to manage. A simple, easy to understand interface and evident diagrams will show you how work is done.



Why Atlas Service Desk?

There are many reasons why companies working in different fields, from IT to the furniture manufacture sector, choose us.

Convenient and functionally-wise

The integrity of serious functionality with convenience for use will allow your personnel to master our service and receive the maximum benefits.

  1. Ease of software deployment, training and introduction efforts is very essential during automation system selection. All these features are encompassed in our system. Along with this, you will obtain serious functionality capabilities.

Integrate with other products

Atlas Service Desk — is a part of the Atlas Business Solution platform. Our services expand as your business grows.

  1. As your company grows, you’ll need expanded technological capabilities. With Atlas, there’s no need to change systems or lose information. Simply connect to new Atlas modules contained in Atlas ERP.

Powerful analytics

Collect and analyze data for dozens of customized parameters.

  1. Design view allows for customizing the metrics to satisfy the needs of any company. It improves the quality of statistics and analysis.

The best tool for sales management

From relationship history to processing orders, shipping, and warehouses.

  1. With Atlas Service Desk you can control sales and make great decisions, increasing your profit and market stability.


Price plan

Tariffs are reasonable for companies of any size. You pay only for the user and receive complete access to all functions of the service immediately after registration!

SD: Start

up to 15 users

$ 11/ per user

  • BPM
  • Domestic support
  • Knowledge database
  • Performance Analysis
  • CRM
  • Access to API

SD: Standart

up to 100 users

$ 9/ per user

  • BPM
  • Domestic support
  • Knowledge database
  • Performance Analysis
  • CRM
  • Access to API

SD: Company

over 100 users

Individual tariff

  • BPM
  • Domestic support
  • Knowledge database
  • Performance Analysis
  • CRM
  • Access to API