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Atlas Software Company develops and implements the software for business of any complexity:

from building architecture up to its maintenance and further development

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Development of WEB applications based on Atlas Business Solution platform

WEB-applications development of the entire cycle

Solution and prototyping architecture development

Creation and maintenance of the server infrastructure for application operation

Support and development of ready-made solution

Development of training and technical documentation

API development for the application

Integration of applications with other applications and sites

Deployment and introduction into operation of business software applications

The advantage of developing of your own business applications from scratch

You can order an application in various ways, select the most advantageous for you

You decide what you will receive as a result of your efforts
You are not constrained by any solutions devised by other experts and can create a project adjusted to your specific needs.
You are the architect of your application
During architecture development, you are able to include principles that take into account your strategic plans in business development.
Complete account of your requirements
Your experts are in a position to directly influence the system potential, and its convenience for use and design. Nothing prevents you from fulfilling your requirements.
Your safety is in your own hands
You may incorporate the principles of safety and productivity that satisfy your objectives.

Atlas Software will help promote and administer your business ideas!

Advantages of developing your business application from scratch based on the Atlas Business Solution platform

You can order an application in various ways, select the most advantageous for you

Speed of performance
Starting from our platform that already contains a huge work platform, you can obtain your functional product much faster.
Qualitative support
Getting support for your application based on Atlas Business Solution will be faster, more cost-effective and better since our experts are knowledgeable about all the intricacies of the system.
Atlas Business Solution Platform has gone a long way in debugging and improving the technology that is embedded in it, you can get an already tested and verified product that operates perfectly well.
Development efforts will be a fraction of the price compared to a product from scratch. As a matter of fact, you need only to add to and complete the platform to conform to your needs.

Why Atlas Software?

Have you already decided which type of application you need? At this point you should make a decision as to which kind of a partner you need!


We specialize in business applications and have a wealth of experience in this field.

  1. You can become familiarized with our applications and be easily assured in this.


You may look at our operating products and be assured that your product will work just as well or even better.

  1. You may operate building on what has already been accomplished, and this will help you take into account all the features of your business.


Our prices for development are very low by virtue of an excellently fine-tuned and adjusted development management process.

  1. We have an open management system. We will be pleased to demonstrate the entire process, and it will be always transparent for you