Atlas ERP wins two popular ERP software awards for 2017 | Atlas Software

Ever since Atlas ERP was first launched, our team has worked tirelessly to please customers with a tool they will both love, and rely on for creating and implementing effective business processes. The accomplishment of this mission has now been confirmed by one of world’s leading software review directories, which made sure our tool will be recommended to new users from all around the planet.


FinancesOnline is a trusted B2B platform where companies from all industries turn to find the ideal software for their needs. A customer-centered expert team is therefore looking for young and promising solutions to shift focus from overrated leaders, and uses a special scoring mechanism to determine the value such can provide against a modest investment. Having confirmed that Atlas ERP meets even their nitpickiest criteria, they named it the Rising Star of 2017, and awarded it with their Great User Experience Award for online ERP software.

What was really fascinating for this experienced team was the unique modular approach Atlas uses to trigger both smarter resource allocation and more productive marketing strategies. Being able to confirm first-hand Atlas’s beneficial effect on companies’ online interactions, also listed it among its most popular ERP software products for the current year. According to them, this was also a result of our system covering vital BPM and project management functions, and thus eliminating the need to invest in additional systems and applications. In this regard, experts also discussed the numerous integrations and partnerships of our system that make it fully useable since day one.