Atlas Projects System Adjusts to Different Project Management Methodologies | Atlas Software

Developers of Atlas Software have created an innovative project management system, Atlas Projects, which adjusts to different methodologies. There are two methodologies available now – PMBok and SCRUM. The user can select a different project management methodology depending on the principles of his/her project. This is convenient if the user just starts introducing project management and has not yet decided about the principles of his/her work.

“Usually a system supports one particular methodology. This may cause problems for the users, – says Sergei Vikharev, the Head of Atlas Software. – Of course, we also have our preferences, but we do not want to impose our vision. Everyone should be able to work the way he/she wants and how he/she is used to. Therefore, we leave the choice to the client”.

The Projects Module is smoothly integrated into a single ecosystem of Atlas Software products, so the users may apply project management to sales and processing orders, or link it to business processes and simulate a task sequence. Visualization of all data in a special project panel allows prompt work with a great deal of information.

With the help of artificial intelligence elements, Atlas Projects determines the priority of tasks and compiles a daily list of errands for each team member. In addition, the system gathers statistics for each project and provides detailed analytics. It enables both the head and the employees to quickly navigate through dozens and even hundreds of projects and see what is happening in each of them.

In addition, an android-app has also been developed for Atlas Projects. It is browser-based and fully integrated with the main cloud system. This allows the user to monitor projects and tasks anywhere.
In the near future, the company plans to adjust the service to other project management methodologies as well as to create an iOS application and improve and expand the existing functionality.